$3,500.00 AUD

165 x 165 cm
Acrylic paint on canvas

Apparitions drift by the curtain.
Watching me.
As if past mistakes and regrets have manifest to at last be set free.

The tin above, warps and shifts as the sun rises higher.
Heat grows and maintains before destructing when it desires.

Always there, no better time.
This is where I release these negative trates.
The addictions, thought patterns and hate.
Those of which were nurtured in the warmth of the sun, until today.

They have dried up and burnt.
Blown away.
Out one ear and to the floor.
I will not carry this weight anymore.

I give thanks to the sun.
For its heat, for its warmth. For it has brought this sudden turn.

I am at peace. Let’s start again.
And enjoy the glow of my old friend.

The sun.


All original artworks will be accompanied by certificates of authenticity, hand written letters and stickers.